Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have an autograph request I would like to have fulfilled. Do you know the address I can write to so I can get Robin’s autograph? Sorry, autograph requests can no longer be fulfilled. It’s impossible for Robin to fulfill autograph requests from the after life. 😦

2. Do you think the government should do more for people with depression? I think the government is already involved too much in our lives. I think it should be easier for family and friends of people with depression to get them the help they need. My ex-husband is bi-polar with traumatic brain injury. When we were married, my mom tried for years to get him help but she couldn’t. People with mental illness unfortunately fall through the cracks because they are supposed to get help for themselves but many deny there is something wrong with them. They think they’re fine but they really need help.

3. People are saying that Robin got depressed over the cancelation of The Crazy Ones. Is this true? Robin admitted in an interview for People Magazine I believe in 1986 he had depression. He also admitted to self medicating in the late 70’s and early 80’s. See the biography page for more information. The cancelation of The Crazy Ones did not cause his depression but it probably made it worse. Plus, I think he felt his career was over. Two of his last movies were only released in select theaters and sadly they both bombed at the box office apparently. To make matters worse, he was in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease which can make depression worse in people who are already depressed.

4. Robin was always funny. He made people laugh and seemed happy. Besides, he was a wonderful actor and comedian. Why did he give up on life? I guess he was so sad and in so much pain that he couldn’t go on anymore. Maybe he felt like he would be a burden on his family as the Parkinson’s Disease progressed. It’s common for people with depression to seem happy. In fact, a lot of comedians have depression. Robin was able to hide his depression by making people laugh and playing other characters.

5. I want to like your fan page for Robin Williams on facebook but I’m under 21. Can you change the settings so younger fans can like your page please? Sorry, I changed the settings on one of my other pages so younger fans could like it and some crazy assed bitch decided to cyber stalk and bully me. I blocked her from facebook and banned her from posting on my facebook pages. I changed the settings on that page back to 21 and older only. I made a huge mistake when I allowed children to like my other page. I blocked her comments from my blogs too. I eventually deleted the page because I’m no longer a fan of the person I created the page and blog for.

6. Are you going to post any corpse photos? Hell no. Out of respect for Robin’s family, I refuse to post corpse photos whether they are real or fake.

7. Are they going to make a Mork and Mindy movie? No, they would be a little hard to do without Robin Williams. Besides, I don’t think Robin was interested in doing a Mork and Mindy movie when he was alive.

8. Who was Robin Williams? Sorry, if you don’t know who Robin Williams was you were either born in the future or you live in a cave or under a rock. Robin Williams was the best comedian of my lifetime. Please check the biography page for more information.


2 responses

  1. Robin Williams made all of us laugh. I have one question: Who made Robin Williams laugh?

    1. He said once his idol was Jonathan Winters. Sadly, he died last year at 87 years old. I only wish Robin was able to fight the Parkinson’s disease along with his depression. I still have my moments when I cry but this too shall pass. It’s going to take me a long time to get over such a huge loss. Losing Robin is like losing a close best friend.

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