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Remembering Robin Williams

Tales From The Corners


Comic/Actor Chevy Chase and Robin Williams perform at The Front Row, near Cleveland, OH, spring 1982

By the time you’re reading this, it’s become history in our world of the never-ending news-cycle. Now that it’s history, where were you when you found out about Robin Williams’ death? I received the news via an alert on my mobile e-mail, just like I did about five years previous when I learned of pop star Michael Jackson’s death.

Indeed, I have seen scores of great performers pass over the years, but with Jackson and Williams, it hit me a little bit harder. I saw both Michael Jackson and Robin Williams perform live.

About 30 years ago I attended the Jackson family’s Victory concert on a cold evening on Ohio’s north coast. I felt the urge to witness a legend. To this day, I’m proud that I spent the funds – $30 at the…

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One year ago today, the world lost Robin Williams. Take the chance today to think about Robin. Watch one of his movies or his stand up. Watch him on youtube. Celebrate his life. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. Time flies by.

Remembering Robin Williams

Happy birthday Robin. We love you.



It’s less than a month shy off of the year anniversary of Robin William’s death, and the nation is still in shock and deeply saddened by this loss. Williams not only brought joy to thousands of people through the many hilarious personas he adopted on our TV screens, but also as a stand up comedian. It’s safe to say that this man was a comedy genius who, loved by old and young, will never be forgotten.

On August 11th of last year, I wrote a Mrs.Doubtfire review for the local newspaper as a tribute to Robin Williams. Now, I’m going to share that review with you as today would have been his 64th birthday. This is my attempt to celebrate his life and appreciate the happiness that he brought to so many people.

mrsdoubtfire__140417010005 He never failed to impress us, even as a 60 year old nanny. 



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Alexandra Reeve Givens Welcomes Son Christopher Russel

Here’s The Trailer For Robin Williams’ Final Dramatic Film, ‘Boulevard’

Check out the new trailer for one of Robin’s final movies and his last drama.


Whether or not it’s any good, Boulevard is sure to attract at least some attention because:

  1. It’s about a depressed and aging man’s final confrontation with his closeted sexuality.
  2. That man is played by Robin Williams.

Plus, the film also features Bob Odenkirk in a supporting roll, so there’s that.

Boulevard gets a limited release on July 10.

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Boulevard and Absolutely Anything

Robin Williams has a couple more movies that are supposed to come out next month. Sadly, they are both limited releases. In Boulevard, he plays a gay man who has to come to terms with his homosexuality. In Absolutely Anything, he is the voice of Dennis the dog. I read his performance in Boulevard is one of his best performances of his career. It’s so sad there will be no more of his movies coming out after these two.

My Conversation With Robin (Williams)


robin-williams-dead    IMG_0633

by G. P. Clemente

Mixed emotions come over me when I think of Robin Williams’ death. The two of us crossed paths way back when in 1979 when we were both immersed in the mad, mad, mad world of show business. Everybody who eventually became anybody swam upstream as far as they could to Los Angeles to fight for open mike time at either at the Comedy Store or the Improv. Folks like Robin, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Richard Lewis, Michael Keaton, Paul Rodriguez, Freddie Prinze, Louie Anderson and yeah, even me, were looking to “kill it” as a stand-up comic.

Back then, it truly was the Golden Age of club comedy. All of us from that generation had grown up in front of a television in the 50s watching and then trying to ape the likes of Sid Caesar, the Three Stooges, Steve Allen, Bob Hope, Ernie Kovacs…

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.

Robin Williams’ Family in Dispute Over His Estate

I don’t know Susan but if she’s afraid to live in her own house, maybe she should give it to one of Robin’s grown kids.


The family of Robin Williams is locked in a disagreement over his estate almost six months after the Oscar-winning actor committed suicide at the age of 63.

Court documents from December and January reveal disputes over money, property and personal belongings between Williams’ widow and third wife, Susan Schneider Williams, and his three children from two previous marriages, the New York Times reports.

Documents from Zak (31), Zelda (25) and Cody (23) say they are “heartbroken” that Susan Schneider Williams, who married Robin Williams in 2011, has “acted against his wishes by challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate.” Their claims are in response to papers Williams’ lawyers filed in December outlining the parts of the estate she claims she is entitled to.

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While the actor’s estate set up a separate trust for Susan Schneider Williams that includes among other things their Tiburon, Calif., home…

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Unwanted opinions and mental health…

I hope Robin didn’t read all the nasty remarks people posted about him in his final hours. I thought you would like this.