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I used to like Woopie Goldburg. I thought she was a good actress and I still do. A few years ago, she got political and I lost my respect for her. I stopped liking her after she got political. I think celebrities should keep their opinions to themselves. I feel the same way about Robert DeNiro and Rosie O’Donnall  who I used to like too. I know this is off topic but Robin was close friends with Whoopie and Billy Crystal. I still love Robin and I always have.



It’s been a little more than one year since Robin Williams chose to leave us on his own terms. I try to avoid using the word suicide because I know there is a suicide culture particularly among pre-teens, teenagers and young adults and particularly among people who are gay, lesbian and transgendered. I guess it’s easier for some people to commit suicide than it is for them to live with the stigma of being gay or transgendered. I feel sorry for people who are gay or transgendered and can not come out to their family and friends do to fear of rejection by their peers. I think everyone should be able to be free to express their true feelings without fear. I’m not trying to judge the L.B.T.G. community. I know celebrities can be a strong influence on pre-teens, teens and young adults. I’m not saying Robin was gay because he was as straight as a pin. He was not the first celebrity to commit suicide and he won’t be the last.

Robin like many other comedians had life long depression. He didn’t just develop it because his show was canceled. His depression may have come from the fact he had a lonely childhood and spent hours in the attic of his home entertaining himself. His widow Susan said earlier this month that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in May of last year which was around the time his show was canceled. Even worse was the fact the autopsy report that came out last November said he had Lewy Body Dementia. He clearly knew something was horribly wrong when he started having trouble finding words and remembering things. His increasing confusion and realization of what was really happening to him was sadly and unfortunately enough to send him over the edge. He lived to entertain and his ability to entertain was slowly being taken away from him in both his mind and his body. No offense, I don’t believe any of the conspiracy theories people have concocted about his untimely passing. I do not blame Susan for what happened at all like some of his fans have. I guess when a celebrity dies by their own hand, some of their fans want someone to blame.

It’s time for me to move on. I still watch Robin’s movies and I always will. I’m going to keep this blog which I have dedicated to his memory. I love and miss him the same as any other fan. I wouldn’t have dedicated this blog to his memory if I didn’t love him. No, I am not crazy because I love him. I still cry for him and I hope someday I can remember him without tears.

I’m thankful we had Robin with us as long as we did. He did not give up. He wasn’t a quitter. He was a fighter and he fought until the very end. He lived to entertain and when that was taken away from him, he knew he would have to give it up. He knew what was happening to him and he chose to do what he thought was best for him.



A fan of Robin’s who shall remain nameless posted photos of trans gendered people on facebook as a way of showing her support for these people. I decided it was best for me to unfriend and block her after I made a comment under the photos that I think trans genderism is sick. I know this is a blog in memory of Robin Williams but I want to post this before the damage is done. I don’t hate anyone. How can I hate people for who they are when I don’t even know them? I’m tired of suppressing myself when it comes to controversial topics like gay marriage and trans gendered people. I think it’s disgusting when little boys and men become somehow confused by their gender and decide to want to be a girl and be called a girl. I feel the same way about girls who somehow think they’re boys or women who think they’re men. Sorry of this offends anyone. No wonder kids today think gay marriage and trans genderism are okay. The media and the culture are pushing it and forcing it on kids. You can’t watch a movie or TV show without two gay people making out or some transgendered person on a talk show like The View.

My Biggest Regret

My biggest regret is not having been able to see many of Robin’s movies when they came out in theaters. I always thought we would have him with us for a little longer. I regret I had not been much of a fan of his for several years because I became more interested in other people. Sadly, some of the other people I became interested in ended up dissing me and blocking me from their facebook page for no reason at all and one of them reported my page I used to have for him to facebook. I wasted my time on those guys when I should have given all my time to Robin.


It’s sad and pathetic when people go around impersonating celebrities on social media including ones who have already died. I understand some people don’t want to use their real name but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to use the name of a celebrity. If you don’t want people to know your real name and you’re on social media, why not have one account your for real friends and family and another account for people you meet on line you want to friend/follow. You can make up a name but don’t use the name of a celebrity whether they are living or dead.

Robin Williams From Beginning To End

I was 7 when I first saw Robin on Happy Days. I thought he was very funny and I hoped he would get his own show which he did. His roll as the lovable alien Mork from Ork on Happy Days led to him getting his own TV show Mork and Mindy which was a spin off of Happy Days. Mork and Mindy lasted only four seasons but it also catapulted Robin into movies and the rest is history. I’m lucky I’m old enough to have been here from the beginning of his career to the tragic end of both his career and unfortunately his life. He was probably the only classically trained actor who could make people laugh.

Robin was lucky enough to get into Julliard which is a famous acting and music school in New York City. His room mate was Christopher Reeve. Robin and Chris became best friends. Actually they were more than friends. They were like brothers. While at Julliard, Robin was a mime and often performed outside in Central Park for money. Robin left Julliard in 1976 after only three years. He was 25.

He tried to get acting rolls but he couldn’t so he did stand up comedy. He loved acting and making people laugh so much. However, he had his demons. Even though he was great in the dramas he was in, he always had to be funny. In every interview he did, he couldn’t sit still for very long and he was always funny. In many longer interviews such as Inside the Actors Studio, instead of just being himself and talking about his movies to a group of drama students, he had to be funny and make them laugh.

Unfortunately, as he got older fewer good roles came to him. The last year of his life, he had a new TV show called The Crazy Ones where he played an ad executive. Unfortunately, it was not picked up for another season and was canceled after the first season. I think one of the reasons was people were expecting him to be as crazy and as zany as Mork. Sadly, he was devastated when his show was canceled. To make matters worse, he was suffering from the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease and his last several movies were only released in very select cities and video on demand so most people didn’t get to see them. He felt his career was over. It was rumored he signed on to do Mrs. Doubtfire 2 which was scrapped after his passing.

There will never be another Robin Williams. He was one of a kind. There can never be another Mork and Mindy because no other comedian is as funny as Robin was. He had a sense of humor that was uniquely his. Sorry, I don’t find the new crop of comedians funny. They may be smart people but I think their humor is stupid. These are people like Jim Carey, Will Ferral, Tyler Perry and Rosie O’Donnell to name a few. No offense if you are a fan of these people. Too each his own.

Robin Williams versus Anna Nicole Smith

When porn star Anna Nicole Smith died from a drug overdose, she instantly became a media darling. She was all the media talked about for over a year. I’m sorry she died but I think the media over played her death. When we sadly lost Robin Williams to depression last August, the media only talked about him for a couple days followed by brief snippets of what happen in his final days and hours. Some people were outraged when the Marin County Coroner’s office stated the position of the body and what happened during his final hours and minutes during a heart wrenching press conference the day after his body was found. The black community was outraged because Robin’s untimely and unfortunate passing took one night and one day away from their new hero and media darling the black teenager who was shot and killed by a white cop. The cop claimed he shot the kid in self defense. Perhaps if Robin had been a porn star, his passing would have been over played by the media. No offense to porn fans, the black community or people who think stories about young blond women getting abducted and black teenagers who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time are more important than depressed celebrities who are so depressed they take their own life.