Four Years Ago

     Four years ago, I was cyberstalked by some bitch. She posted hateful, hurtful and negative things about me. I will not mention her name because she knows who she is. I closed my accounts on live journal and fan pop because of her. She created accounts on those sites to bully and harass me. I blocked her from facebook and from posting comments on my blogs. I also reported her to her Internet Service Provider. After doing  research on her, I found out she lives in Florida and is in her 50’s. Judging from her baseless childish attacks against me for no apparent reason other than extreme jealousy, she seemed more like a 3 or 4 year old child. I do not hate. I decided to keep my word press account because I knew closing it would let her win and I don’t want to let her and others like her win. I kind of expected to be hated on again by other trolls like her after losing Robin but fortunately, that has not happened yet and I hope it never will happen. I suspect she was a Ghost Hunters/Grant Wilson fan so I stopped posting on the TAPS blogs. If you don’t know who Grant Wilson is, he used to be on a paranormal show called Ghost Hunters. He left the show in 2012 after the season 8 spring finale to spend more time with his family and pursue other interests. I used to have a blog for him as well which I have since deleted because I don’t like him anymore. Now I have nothing to do with the paranormal community. I had a couple ghostly encounters when I was little so I do believe in ghosts but I remain very skeptical when it comes to ghost photos and videos. I don’t believe everything I read or see.


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