It’s been a little more than one year since Robin Williams chose to leave us on his own terms. I try to avoid using the word suicide because I know there is a suicide culture particularly among pre-teens, teenagers and young adults and particularly among people who are gay, lesbian and transgendered. I guess it’s easier for some people to commit suicide than it is for them to live with the stigma of being gay or transgendered. I feel sorry for people who are gay or transgendered and can not come out to their family and friends do to fear of rejection by their peers. I think everyone should be able to be free to express their true feelings without fear. I’m not trying to judge the L.B.T.G. community. I know celebrities can be a strong influence on pre-teens, teens and young adults. I’m not saying Robin was gay because he was as straight as a pin. He was not the first celebrity to commit suicide and he won’t be the last.

Robin like many other comedians had life long depression. He didn’t just develop it because his show was canceled. His depression may have come from the fact he had a lonely childhood and spent hours in the attic of his home entertaining himself. His widow Susan said earlier this month that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in May of last year which was around the time his show was canceled. Even worse was the fact the autopsy report that came out last November said he had Lewy Body Dementia. He clearly knew something was horribly wrong when he started having trouble finding words and remembering things. His increasing confusion and realization of what was really happening to him was sadly and unfortunately enough to send him over the edge. He lived to entertain and his ability to entertain was slowly being taken away from him in both his mind and his body. No offense, I don’t believe any of the conspiracy theories people have concocted about his untimely passing. I do not blame Susan for what happened at all like some of his fans have. I guess when a celebrity dies by their own hand, some of their fans want someone to blame.

It’s time for me to move on. I still watch Robin’s movies and I always will. I’m going to keep this blog which I have dedicated to his memory. I love and miss him the same as any other fan. I wouldn’t have dedicated this blog to his memory if I didn’t love him. No, I am not crazy because I love him. I still cry for him and I hope someday I can remember him without tears.

I’m thankful we had Robin with us as long as we did. He did not give up. He wasn’t a quitter. He was a fighter and he fought until the very end. He lived to entertain and when that was taken away from him, he knew he would have to give it up. He knew what was happening to him and he chose to do what he thought was best for him.



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  1. Watching Mork and Mind as I write 🙂

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