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July 4, 2015: Independence Day (U. S. A.)

July 10, 2015: Boulevard is released in strictly limited cities and countries. Sadly, it will only be available on region 2 dvd’s only.

July 21, 2015: Robin Williams’s birthday (Join us as we celebrate what would have been Robin’s 64th birthday.)

July 30, 2015: Robin’s daughter Zelda turns 26.


Here’s The Trailer For Robin Williams’ Final Dramatic Film, ‘Boulevard’

Check out the new trailer for one of Robin’s final movies and his last drama.


Whether or not it’s any good, Boulevard is sure to attract at least some attention because:

  1. It’s about a depressed and aging man’s final confrontation with his closeted sexuality.
  2. That man is played by Robin Williams.

Plus, the film also features Bob Odenkirk in a supporting roll, so there’s that.

Boulevard gets a limited release on July 10.

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Boulevard and Absolutely Anything

Robin Williams has a couple more movies that are supposed to come out next month. Sadly, they are both limited releases. In Boulevard, he plays a gay man who has to come to terms with his homosexuality. In Absolutely Anything, he is the voice of Dennis the dog. I read his performance in Boulevard is one of his best performances of his career. It’s so sad there will be no more of his movies coming out after these two.

My Conversation With Robin (Williams)


robin-williams-dead    IMG_0633

by G. P. Clemente

Mixed emotions come over me when I think of Robin Williams’ death. The two of us crossed paths way back when in 1979 when we were both immersed in the mad, mad, mad world of show business. Everybody who eventually became anybody swam upstream as far as they could to Los Angeles to fight for open mike time at either at the Comedy Store or the Improv. Folks like Robin, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Richard Lewis, Michael Keaton, Paul Rodriguez, Freddie Prinze, Louie Anderson and yeah, even me, were looking to “kill it” as a stand-up comic.

Back then, it truly was the Golden Age of club comedy. All of us from that generation had grown up in front of a television in the 50s watching and then trying to ape the likes of Sid Caesar, the Three Stooges, Steve Allen, Bob Hope, Ernie Kovacs…

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