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You may have read comments on social media sites, blogs, message boards etc. calling me a coward. I am not a coward. Just because I sometimes spout off unpopular opinions doesn’t make me a coward. Just because I decided to leave live journal and fan pop doesn’t make me a coward. Just because I deleted a blog I no longer use doesn’t make me a coward. I still have social media. I chose to leave fan pop and live journal because I was being cyber stalked a few years ago and the woman who was cyber stalking me set up accounts on those sites to bully and harass me. I’m not even a celebrity. I’m just a regular person.

I’ve been thinking about Robin Williams a lot lately. I read an article where someone called him a coward for ending his life. They don’t know the kind of pain he had to live with for most of his life. Nobody knows except for Robin because he kept his pain inside.  It really saddens me he was so sad for so long. It saddens me when his health was failing, he felt he had no other choice but to end it all. You shouldn’t judge someone unless you have been in their shoes. The thought of not being able to work anymore because of Parkinson’s Disease and dementia completely devastated him. The thought of losing his mind devastated him. The possibility Susan may have been planning to leave him devastated him. She may have thought about leaving him because of his Parkinson’s Disease. He already had two failed marriages. I don’t think he could have survived a third failed marriage. He lived to entertain us. He had a great career and when it was over he made his final exit.


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Robin Williams’ Family in Dispute Over His Estate

I don’t know Susan but if she’s afraid to live in her own house, maybe she should give it to one of Robin’s grown kids.


The family of Robin Williams is locked in a disagreement over his estate almost six months after the Oscar-winning actor committed suicide at the age of 63.

Court documents from December and January reveal disputes over money, property and personal belongings between Williams’ widow and third wife, Susan Schneider Williams, and his three children from two previous marriages, the New York Times reports.

Documents from Zak (31), Zelda (25) and Cody (23) say they are “heartbroken” that Susan Schneider Williams, who married Robin Williams in 2011, has “acted against his wishes by challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate.” Their claims are in response to papers Williams’ lawyers filed in December outlining the parts of the estate she claims she is entitled to.

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While the actor’s estate set up a separate trust for Susan Schneider Williams that includes among other things their Tiburon, Calif., home…

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