A fan of Robin’s who shall remain nameless posted photos of trans gendered people on facebook as a way of showing her support for these people. I decided it was best for me to unfriend and block her after I made a comment under the photos that I think trans genderism is sick. I know this is a blog in memory of Robin Williams but I want to post this before the damage is done. I don’t hate anyone. How can I hate people for who they are when I don’t even know them? I’m tired of suppressing myself when it comes to controversial topics like gay marriage and trans gendered people. I think it’s disgusting when little boys and men become somehow confused by their gender and decide to want to be a girl and be called a girl. I feel the same way about girls who somehow think they’re boys or women who think they’re men. Sorry of this offends anyone. No wonder kids today think gay marriage and trans genderism are okay. The media and the culture are pushing it and forcing it on kids. You can’t watch a movie or TV show without two gay people making out or some transgendered person on a talk show like The View.


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