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I saw Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb today. It was very good and funny. Robin is in a great deal of this movie. You won’t be disappointed.

Robin Williams 1951 – 2014 R.I.P.

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 Not long before I heard the news about Robin Williams’ sudden death, I came across a cardboard advertisement of “License to Wed”(2007), which was somehow placed at my local theater for no apparent reason(this poorly received comedy film silently went straight to DVD/Blu-ray release here, by the way). I became a little depressed to see Williams’ cheery face in the advertisement because, as we all know, Williams was capable of many different things in his long career – and I wondered for a while when he would get a nice chance for another good performance.

 Sadly, that is no longer possible now due to his death, but he has been recognized as a talented actor who could easily switch between comedy and drama since the very beginning of his movie career. I came to notice him for the first time in “Dead Poet’s Society”(1989) in 1991, and then he became…

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It’s sad and pathetic when people go around impersonating celebrities on social media including ones who have already died. I understand some people don’t want to use their real name but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to use the name of a celebrity. If you don’t want people to know your real name and you’re on social media, why not have one account your for real friends and family and another account for people you meet on line you want to friend/follow. You can make up a name but don’t use the name of a celebrity whether they are living or dead.

Billy Crystal’s touching tribute to Robin Williams: A script of his friend’s first night in heaven

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