Monthly Archives: November, 2014

Happy birthday to Robin’s son Cody

Happy birthday Cody. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You, Zelda and Zak are welcome to follow my blog.


Lewey Body Dementia

I was heartbroken all over again when I read Robin had lewey body dementia with vivid hallucinations. I believe this may have been why he chose not to live anymore. I love him more than words can say. I’m sorry his health was failing him. I heard he knew he had dementia but he didn’t tell his family. I guess he didn’t want them to worry about him. He must have thought he would be a burden on his family. He knew he would have had to quit acting which he loved. This must have been a major setback for him. Poor Robin.

Merry Friggin Christmas

Robin’s latest movie Merry Friggin Christmas is now playing in select theaters and video on demand.


One of Robin’s final movies Boulevard has finally been picked up by a distributer. He plays a gay man in this movie who tries to get his relationship reestablished with his son. It’s the movie he said he was most proud of. No word on when it will be released. His next movie Merry Friggin Christmas will be release in limited theaters and video on demand Friday.

Robin Williams Helped Me

I was bullied a lot when I was a kid because I’m physically disabled. Other kids used to make fun of me and call me names. Watching Robin on Mork and Mindy helped me get through those years. Like I said before, I feel like I lost a close best friend having grown up watching him first in Mork and Mindy then in movies. Being able to laugh at Robin was what I really needed to get through all the bullying I was going through at the time. I wish he could see this because I think he would be thrilled to know he helped me by making me laugh.