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Dear Robin Williams

This is from a 29 year old fan of Robin Williams.

B.C. Johnson

I’m going to tell you something right now, and it’s going to seem heartless: I don’t get emotionally affected by celebrity deaths. At best my body processes a kind of distant mournful shock, the chemistry of which that, if studied, would probably equate to hearing the news that a show I kind of liked has been cancelled.

When Philip Seymour Hoffman passed, I thought, “Oh that sucks. He’s so talented,” but the fact is, I didn’t know him. I’d never met him, and odds are that I would never have shook hands with him. I’m 29-years-old, and all of my life has left me bewildered when I see someone genuinely torn to pieces when a celebrity they never met dies. Don’t get me wrong – it sucks that they died, and I definitely feel an intellectual empathy, but it never quite reaches my guts.

Just fifteen minutes ago, on the…

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I just added a tribute page to Robin Williams. Feel free to check it out.


Here’s a nice tribute to Robin.

Donna Gwinnell Lambo-Weidner

photo 1It’s been over a week since shrill sirens screamed their way around the back end of the peninsula. Did you hear them too? Or were you already gone – spirited away on a breath of wind?

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Frequently Asked Questions Added

I added a frequently asked questions page to Robin Williams Memorial Blog. I’m going to watch The Final Cut tonight. I wish Robin was still with us. I miss him. 😦


I’m keeping this blog up and running in honor of Robin Williams. There’s much more to come. I’m thinking of adding a frequently asked questions page if I can think of enough questions to post. I watched Jack Friday night and I started watching Mork and Mindy season 3 today. I enjoyed reading all the tributes to Robin from his friends.