Depression Kills

You may have noticed I changed the name of this blog to Robin Williams Memorial Blog. This blog is now a blog in memory of Robin. I feel so sorry for his family, friends and everyone who worked with him. Perhaps if he had sought help for his depression sooner, he would still be with us. All he wanted to do was perform and when he was faced with the possibility his career was over I think it was just too much for him to bear. His TV show, The Crazy Ones was canceled in May 2014 even though the ratings were actually still good with 5.2 million viewers after only one season. His two latest movies The Face Of Love and The Angriest Man in Brooklyn only opened in a few theaters. Although these movies are available on video on demand as well, very few people watched these movies and the ones who watched them gave them very low ratings. His final movies have yet to come out. I can not imagine what he much have went through in his final months, weeks and days. Unfortunately, everything seemed to be stacked against him. Robin made me happy. He made me laugh. I’m glad we had him for the time we did. If you have a friend or relative who suffers from depression, do not ignore it and do nothing to try to help them. Try to get them help. R.I.P. Robin. He was one of a kind.


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  1. My daughter’s ex boyfriend, suffers from depression, on July 30, he overdosed and was pronounced death at the scene, but God was gracious to him and granted him a second chance to live. He is recovering, but his memory does not work as before.

    1. Sorry about your daughter’s ex boyfriend.

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