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Robin The Nerd

Robin Williams is a nerd. I hope I can still use this word. I hope nobody takes offense at me calling Robin a nerd. He’s into video games and he watches the science channel and the national geographic channel. I believe he likes science fiction too. You can’t get much nerdier than that.


Robin Williams Scrapbook

I’m reading Robin Williams Scrapbook and it’s really good. It’s very informative too. It’s old because it’s from his Mork and Mindy days and it has a lot of old photos of him during that time in his life. I watched August Rush last night. It was a good movie. Robin had a bigger role in the movie than I thought.

Robin’s Latest Movies

I’m so disappointed Robin’s latest movie The Face of Love is only a limited release. His next movie The Angriest Man in Brooklyn comes out in May. It will be a limited release too meaning it will only be playing in select cities. I really wish I could see these movies. Robin Williams is one of my favorite actors and I know how much he loves what he does for a living. It’s too bad the majority which is most of his fans can’t go to the movies to see his movies. 😦

Robin Williams

Robin is probably the most private celebrity. I think that’s a good thing though. He doesn’t tweet every hour about what he’s doing not that we have to know everything he does because we don’t. I believe he’s already started on doing the voice work in Absolutely Anything. He will be heard but not seen. It’s a shame his latest movies are only limited releases and only showing in select cities. I have a fixed income and I can not afford video on demand which means I have to wait until these movies come out on dvd or blu ray to see them.

Site Views

I’m glad this blog actually gets some views. I get more views on this blog than my other blogs get. I don’t have much else to say.

Face of Love (very limited release)

The Face of Love is currently out but only in Los Angelas, California and New York. I really wish I could go see this movie. I’m so addicted to Robin Williams. Of course I hope the movie does well and will soon be released world wide.

Robin Williams is not to be mistaken for British singer Robbie Williams

It seems Robin Williams is frequently mistaken for British singer Robbie Williams. I don’t know why because they don’t look anything alike. When I look for photos or video of Robin Williams, the singer Robbie Williams’s photos or videos often come up. It’s March so Robin should be starting voice work in Absolutely Anything soon. He will be voicing Dennis the dog. I don’t thing Robin ever stops. He’s always on all the time.