Strangers Cyber Stalking Strangers

I watched One Hour Photo the other night and I got to thinking about the real creeps out in cyber space who cyber stalk people they don’t know. It’s a scary thought when people post everything about themselves to the world without thinking any creep with access to the Internet can sit back and friend or follow someone one social media such as facebook or twitter for instance. Some people post everything on social media and they don’t bother to set their privacy controls to friends only. If you allow anyone with access to the Internet to view your social media sites you are putting yourself at risk if creepy people cyber stalking you. Facebook allows to set your privacy controls to friends only so only people who you are friends with can see your posts, photos, etc. Myspace gives you the option of a public profile and a friends only profile. Other social networks are strictly public. There is no option to set your profile to private or friends or family only. If you want to stay safe on line, don’t post your home address. Don’t let the world know where you are by posting where you are and what you are doing. Don’t post where you work or go to school. Don’t even post your occupation or what you do for a living. Don’t post nude photos of yourself or any other photos you don’t feel comfortable sharing. I’m not famous but I understand why Robin Williams prefers not to share his life with his fans. I don’t even know if he reads any of the posts on his facebook and twitter pages. Like most celebrities, he probably has an assistant do all the posting and tweeting. He did mention he tweeted once but he didn’t like it so he stopped.


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