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Night at the Museum Three

Robin is in England this week filming his scenes in Night at the Museum Three which is currently filming. He’s reprising his role as Teddy Roosevelt. The movie is due out late this year.


Thanks for visiting my blog

Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m collecting Robin’s movies these days. Many of his movies I haven’t seen and I have them on dvd that I got for my birthday. I’m going to add more pages here later.

Robin Williams

I noticed one of the search terms people have used to search for my blog. It seems people want to know if Robin is gay or straight. Seeing that he was married three times to three different women and only had relationships with women I think it’s obvious he’s straight. I think he would have already come out of the closet if he was gay.

Biography Updated

I updated the biography page. I don’t like to add pages without typing stuff on them because I hate when I go to a page with nothing on it except the words under construction and a photo of a man digging a ditch.

Absolutely Anything

Robin’s next project Absolutely Anything starts filming in March. He’ll be doing the voice of a dog. Yes, this will be another cartoon. Doesn’t he ever take time off from working? I don’t think so. An actor’s work is never done.

Biography Updated

I updated the biography page. Have a good weekend and think happy thoughts about Robin. I’m going to add more later to the biography page before I add more pages.


As much as I like Robin Williams I have no desire to watch The Birdcage. I refused to go to the movies to see it. It flatly promotes the homosexual agenda and I have always wondered why Robin chose to do this movie. He could have picked any movie he wanted to make. He didn’t have to make this movie but he did. After all, the movie is about two gay men who live together played by Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. When a conservative Republican U. S. Senator played by Gene Hackman comes to town they have to pretend to be straight or something like that. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend anyone.

Filmography Updated

I updated the filmography page. My next project is to update the biography page again. I hope you enjoy it. It’s taking me a long time because I type slow. More pages will be added soon.


I added Robin’s relationships to the biography page. I type very slow so I’ll be adding more later.


Robin Williams had been taking it easy for a while after he had heart surgery in March of 2009. He has four movies coming out this year titled The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, Boulevard, Merry Friggin Christmas and one other movie. He also returns for his role as Teddy Roosevelt ┬áin Night At The Museum 3. In March 2014, he’s going to be voicing a dog in Absolutely Everything which will begin filming in March and should be released sometime next year. He’s showing no signs of stopping. I hope he never retires from acting.